LOMA Hair Care and Styling

We promise quality and longevity, and our passion is in the process – we research and test each raw material to ensure they’re as clean as they claim to be. Our products are Paraben, Sodium Chloride, Gluten and Soy free, and have Sulfate-free cleansing. We are also vegan friendly. And, of course, we NEVER test on animals!

Pulp Riot Hair Care and Styling

Pulp Riot Hair was originally designed by a team of hair stylists for hair stylists. Their scene-stealing hair color formulas were developed with the intention to give hair stylists a means to formulate creative and artistic hair colors. Taking inspiration from their 100% vegan, ammonia-free and hair-strengthening color line, Pulp Riot Hair has developed a line of at-home products to effectively protect hair color once you leave the salon chair. Sticking to their roots, Pulp Riot Hair Care products contain no ammonia, are 100% vegan and contain the same hair-strengthening ingredients found in their hair color. Maintain your custom hair color with Pulp Riot Hair Care.

Ouidad Styling

We use only the deepest moisturizers and most nourishing botanicals to strengthen every strand from the inside out. Over time, you’ll see that your curly hair doesn’t just look better — it will also be softer, stronger, and healthier.

We believe that curls are beautiful, brilliant, and brave. We’re committed to letting curls be curls.

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